Note the Dual Clutch works with mineral oil as it is in the transmission.

Twin CSC for double Clutch actuation

This is used for dual-clutch transmissions. It works with two concentrically positioned pistons which, by means of axial bearings, independently press each of the lamellae of the two automatic-gearbox clutches. Compression takes place at precisely timed moments according to the engine load and revolutions, thereby providing torque transfer from the engine to the gearbox while selecting the required gear at the same time without any performance lag when selecting higher gears. Thanks to this arrangement, better vehicle acceleration parameters are achieved compared with manual gearboxes; and, moreover, without any fuel consumption increase.

The position of the pistons is determined by means of two miniature induction sensors, which are not subject to wear, operating reliably within a temperature range from -40°C to + 180°C.

Unlike the standard central switch, disconnection of the mechanical link between the engine and the gearbox is not caused by compression of the membrane spring, but by means of clutch lamella direct compression. Mineral oil is the working medium in the dual central clutch switch.