Clutch pipes carry the hydraulic pressure between the master and slave cylinders.

Clutch Pipes

The clutch pipe transfers hydraulic pressure between the clutch master cylinder and the concentric slave cylinder or clutch slave cylinder.

a) Standard clutch pipes in flexible configuration

In this design configuration, various types of pipes with smaller or larger volumetric expansion (larger or smaller firmness) may be used. Larger volumetric expansion is used for volumetric compensation in the clutch system. Thanks to this feature, the clutch cylinder and the clutch itself are protected from damage by high pressure.

The pipes may be complemented by specific brackets according to customer requirements.

b) Configuration with plastic clutch pipes

Plastic is used as the source material for manufacture of clutch pipes to reduce the weight as well as the cost. The clutch pipe fittings are laser welded onto the plastic clutch pipe assembly. Due to flexibility of manufacture, various inner and outer diameters may by chosen. Plastic pipes may also be complemented by protective hoses and brackets according to customer requirements. The pipe assembly shown here is designed in combination with a frequency modulator.