Hydraulic Clutch Systems

This clutch, with the actuator and its parts from FTE, proved its quality through its high level of reliability and efficiency. FTE automotive components are characterized by low weight and low demands on built-up space.

When the clutch pedal is pressed, brake fluid is pushed out by means of a piston in the clutch master cylinder. The resulting hydraulic pressure is subsequently transferred via the pipes and puts in motion the clutch slave cylinder piston located on the gearbox. By means of a lever the piston movement is converted to axial movement of the central clutch bearing. Thus the membrane spring of the clutch is compressed and the desired disconnection of the mechanical link between the gearbox and the engine occurs.

An alternative to the clutch slave cylinder is a central clutch switch, which continues to grow in popularity. Its use saves space and a number of system parts.

Brake Systems

FTE products guarantee safety throughout the world. At present, there is no advanced car that does not use a brake booster.

Brake boosters manufactured by FTE are characterized by technical parameters achieved by continuous improvement of the state-of-the-art technologies in cooperation with customers. Compared with standard brake boosters, FTE brake boosters achieve significantly higher braking performance. Activation of the brake lights is controlled by a built-in sensor. Our world-class drum brakes with integrated parking brake are able to adapt automatically to the wear and minimize the need for service calls.

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