Employee training and development

FTE automotive Czechia offers its employees opportunities for further education and development of their own skills.

Professional training

This is related to the employee's specific job position. It is in the interest of our company not only to develop the professional knowledge and skills of each employee, but also to follow the latest trends in particular professions to ensure that we remain at the forefront of our industry. Professional training is related to the professional focus of particular employees and developments in the given area.

Language training

This allows employees to improve their knowledge of a foreign language. As a multinational company we consider the ability of employees to communicate almost essential, as it affects their capability to travel abroad to acquire further knowledge and experience. Therefore, FTE automotive Czechia invests considerable financial means in language training for its employees.

Development of "soft skills"

The ability to cooperate, understand the needs of others, perceive their feelings, present one's own views and ideas to others, and many other skills, are "soft skills", which are very important for FTE automotive Czechia. Therefore, we address development of such skills very carefully, especially in positions associated with leadership and workforce management. We put strong emphasis on good human relations, a good working atmosphere and an individual approach to each employee.