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Functioning of the company can be compared with that of a car. There are many small and seemingly less important parts and components inside, but all of them are important for the ride, safety, reliability and overall impression. As long as one of the components does not work, the car has a problem and may not start at all.

Employment in FTE Czechia

Our policy is to provide work for all who want to be useful and are interested in working..

Professional career growth is not given by the years of service but, in the first instance, proven ability and results. Therefore, the employee's age or level of education are not that important. What matters are the results of the work, which is continuously monitored and assessed. Should you wish to work for us, please do not hesitate to contact our HR Department at e-mail address

The open-doors principle

To function reliably and safely, we apply the open-doors principle. The employee may at any time approach his/her superior to report difficulties, comments and complaints. If he/she feels that the matter in question has not been resolved, the superior has not paid enough attention or time, or the problem has not been addressed sufficiently, he/she can always turn to the company managers: the doors are open. And as stated earlier, the opinion of each of our employees can enrich all of us, move us forward and improve services to our customers or make work more enjoyable for us, the company employees.

Information sharing

Information is the most valuable, but also the most difficult item to share. The FTE management meets regularly with all employees to discuss current topics, the future and opportunities arising for us.
Specialists, administrative support and management meet on a monthly basis at working breakfasts, at which the previous period is assessed and forthcoming tasks are discussed. This is also an opportunity to meet colleagues from other departments, and talk about both work and privacy, depending on each of us.

Round table

 The round table is an informal interview and meeting between the plant director and several employees from a particular department. For the management of the plant this is the best way to keep in close touch with all employees, understand their everyday worries and, together with them, seek a way to improve operation of the plant and make conditions for the employees more enjoyable.

Particular positions in FTE Czechia

Each higher position obviously includes all requirements given for the previous position.

Operator – operates machines and devices according to the type of manufacturing.

Tool setter – performs adjustments of machines and devices; organizes, manages and coordinates manufacturing activities.

Machine setter – is responsible for compliance with technological procedures and shares responsibility for production plan fulfilment, economy and efficiency.

Shift leader – coordinates, distributes and supervises the working activities of subordinate employees; collaborates with other departments, such as maintenance and quality assurance.

Foreman – is responsible for efficient management and the quality assurance control process, as well as ensuring manufacturing at the required time, leading employees, assigning tasks, motivating and assessing.   

Manager – manages and organises his/her subordinates and their activities, is responsible for timely delivery of requested products in the adequate quality and amount, chairs team meetings, participates in customer audits, implements and coordinates optimization projects leading to achievement of plant objectives.